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Temping FAQ

Does KHR roll up holiday pay in the temp rate? Definitely not. Rolled-up Holiday Pay is now unlawful and would recommend that you check your other suppliers do not do this.

What is rolling up holiday pay? Rolled-up holiday pay is the practice of paying holiday pay as part of the hourly rate of pay to a worker throughout their employment and not paying any holiday pay while the worker is on holiday.

Do you pay into the temp’s pension? Yes and this is included in the charge rate. Currently, our contribution is 3% subject to the temp paying in their contribution.

Do temps get paid holiday? Temps accrue holiday as they work (5.6 weeks per year)

Do temps get paid sick pay? We offer SSP subject to meeting qualification criteria. If you are a temp please contact payroll for further information. If you are an employer this is all taken care of.

Who do I contact about temp bookings? If you are a new client please speak to Jane Langley our Business Development Manager on 01732 870011. Existing clients, you are welcome to speak with Jane or the Consultant who looks after your account currently.

What are the payroll opening hours? Hours are 0830 to 1730

The temp we have is great and want to keep them. What are our options? We have 3 options and these can be discussed with your account manager.

Temp of the month recommendation
Has one of our temps gone above and beyond the call of duty, let us know and we’ll give credit where credit’s due ………

Temp of the month is….
Reece Mason – congratulations on being our temp of the month. The hours and dedication you have put in this month have not gone unnoticed. Keep up the good work.

Refer a temp scheme
Do you know someone who would like temporary work, put them in touch with KHR and you will get a thank-you gift when they are placed in their first assignment

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